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  • 80+ .NET UI components & controls
  • Modern futuristic UI/UX components
  • Ready for Visual Studio Development
  • Unlimited free product support cases
  • Super light-weight & fast performance
  • Extensively customizable & themeable
  • Low resource consumption & footprint
  • Royalty free development & deployment


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The best UI & UX library for .NET

Discover a seamless & smooth experience from the best library

Ease Of Use

Easily create useful and beautiful UI with minimal work-force and coding experience

Improved Security

Designtime and runtime errors and exceptions are handled and consumed

Team Collaboration

You can easily collaborate with teams or developers, remotely or onsite

Better Licensing

Our licensing system is auto-pilot based, which removes any disturbances

Small Footprint

Develop apps that output a very small memory footprint thus enhance CPU

Lightining Fast

Best performing apps attract more users, create fast execution app interface

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